Capturing Melbourne’s allure in my lens

Melbourne as a tourist destination has a lot to offer. Recently I got an opportunity to view and capture the surreal beauty of this city that is nothing less than an embodiment of modernization and progress, via my camera. It is amazing how much knowledge and joy one can get to absorb wandering in the streets of this stylishly planned city. Right from the concealed laneways and grand tree-lined streets to the vast spread of city gardens and parklands engulfing the CBD, Melbourne is a treat for camera enthusiasts.

Spirited and sophisticated, energetic and elegant, adjectives rolled down my tongue as I set my sights on the eye pleasing attractions of Melbourne. It is difficult to enlist all of them due to spatial constraints but I have mentioned three of them.

  1. Royal Botanical Gardens – One of the most beautiful gardens not only in Australia but the world, Royal Botanical Gardens is located in the centre of green parkland on the south bank of the Yarra River. These 40 hectares of tastefully landscaped gardens blooming with local and exotic vegetation is bound to turn heads its way.
  2. Melbourne Cricket Ground – Sports often offers some of the most astounding and breathtaking spectacles and MCC is a perfect illustration of that. This wonderful cricket ground is a sight to watch especially on match days.
  3. The Arcades and Laneways form an integral part of Melbourne’s landscape. The Block arcade deserves a special mention.

The essence and charm of these places can be truly enjoyed in person. Nevertheless, the cityscape photographs so well that one can actual feel the beauty and energy by just looking at the pictures. Now that I have a treasure of beautiful photographs, my next step is to look for a professional SEO company in Melbourne so that I can promote my work and at the same time share these delightful photographs at a worldwide scale.