How to Choose Best Place For Pre-Wedding Photography

Choosing the best place for pre-wedding photography? Sounds easy, but definitely not so! There is nothing standardised about it. The best place depends on the couple’s likings and tastes and also on the photographer’s expertise. Hence, a look at all the variables involved in choosing the “best” place will be in order.

First, for the uninitiated, what is pre-wedding photography? It is actually a great way to become familiar with the style of the photographer who will be shooting hundreds of photos at the wedding. It is also a chance for the photographer to better understand the contours of your face and profiles so that both of you look gorgeous in your wedding photographs. Given this scenario, why have the photo-shoot in a studio when the great outdoors beckon so enticingly.

So how to you go about preparing for your pre-wedding photography and selecting the place that should be ideal for you?

Choose a photographer that matches your personality – Go through the body of work and portfolio of the photographer. Evaluate whether it matches your style and personality. You might be an introvert and prefer the subtle things of life while the photographer might be the outgoing type who focuses on working on a grand canvas. In such circumstances, regardless of the place you select, the photo shoot will be a disaster.

Pre-shoot formalities – In most cases, once the photographer is selected and you have tentatively selected a place for the shoot, a number of formalities have to be taken care of. First the logistics of moving to that place, do not opt for a location that is far from the wedding venue at the other end of the country. Travelling to and fro will drain you both physically and emotionally. You have to get permission from the venue to shoot there as well. In many cases, the photographer will take care of these issues.

After these formalities have been taken care of and the photographer booked with a fee, discuss the finer points with him. What you should wear and the matching accessories depend on the location selected. Discuss the style of the shoot too. Get an approximate idea about the frames he has in mind and know if you are comfortable with it. It is always better to know in advance what he has planned for D-Day. Finally, don’t forget to book an appointment for wedding hair and makeup in Melbourne or wherever your photo shoot has been considered.

At the location – The best and the ideal place for you is not one that is absolutely inflexible, it depends on where you are comfortable. The locale should put you at ease. If you are the outgoing types, tourist spots, exotic market places, forts and public gardens should not be a problem for you. But if you value privacy with beautiful isolated backdrops choose a secluded place in the lap of nature where people will not stop and stare during the shoot. For a touch of pre-nuptial naughtiness, discuss with your photographer if it is possible to mix and match two variants – one that is overtly romantic and one that is playful in keeping with your upcoming wedding.

The main point then is, the best place for a pre-wedding shoot is where you can are in the comfort zone and a place that matches your wishes to spend some quality time with each other.