From Drab to Dazzling – Just in Few Clicks

There have been giant strides taken in the field of photography with specialised software and edit functions structuring the perfect shot. But in spite of this, photography is still an art as it has been through the ages, mainly because it is the imaginative side of a human being that lies at the root of photography.

Photography is basically about light, composition and working with colour. Optimising these three factors can transform any photo from the drab to the dazzling.

Light – This can be further divided into outdoor and indoor photography. Outdoors, the best time to shoot is when the sunlight falls directly on the subject. But for landscapes clicking into the sunlight especially to highlight clouds or the ocean can have a dramatic impact. While indoors, it is advisable not to have the flash popping directly on the face. It gives a harsh effect. For the sublime look, light should be bounced off a white object like an umbrella or the ceiling.

Composition – This revolves around arranging the different elements of a scene in a manner that gives a sense of unification within the frame. The picture should be visualised as a canvas with the artist photographer deciding on the best shape and proportion that does justice to the view being captured. Emphasis can be placed on the object only and the frame left largely blank for visual impact or the frame can be cluttered with detail to put forth a story.

Working with Colour – Even though this is crucial, it must not be ignored that taking pictures of very colourful landscapes in stark black and white creates a great visual impact. However, the use of colour depends a great deal on the prevailing light conditions as its richness and hue varies according to the time of day and bright or hazy atmospheric conditions.

If one has to go from drab to dazzling in photography or in other words go from being an amateur to a professional, these three things have to be kept in mind but not as water tight compartments. Only when they can be seamlessly blended together can the perfect picture be said to have been clicked.