Pic of the day: Professionals Playing With Fire

I was recently in Melbourne and had an opportunity to attend a party at a famous nightclub. I am always up for some candid photography so took my camera along to capture the nightlife of Melbourne. Nightclubs and pubs, undoubtedly, are some of the best spots for candid photography. Individuals in high spirits, having a gala time and dancing to the tunes of pulsating music offer a soul capturing element to the photographs. However, without digressing further, I will come directly to the subject of my blog.

In all the glamour and intoxicating ambience of the nightclub, what caught my eye were the bartenders, who was busy showcasing their fire eating skills as they poured alcohol into glass after glass, effortlessly.

Fire Eating (or Fire Swallowing) is the act of putting a blazing flame into one’s mouth and quenching it by snuffing the fire. Fire eating is the most well known of all the fire manipulation stunts, which likewise incorporates strategies for controlling the fire, trailing and exchanging the fire utilising hands and other body parts. Be that as it may, there is a certain level of risk involved in these stunts.

It was obvious that these bartenders were experts- the hard labour that had gone into making each act, each stunt, and their best, was evident. Amid all these thoughts, I got the moment to capture some striking shots of bartenders doing different tricks. However, it was making me quite uncomfortable knowing that they could actually catch fire from one misstep.

Fire breathing is unfathomably risky even for experts – a sudden movement in the wind amid breathing can prompt facial injuries. Also, where there is fire, there is always a risk of a fire breakout.

This is precisely where professionals from another line come into the play. Firefighters undergo a rigorous training to become fully qualified professionals. They are likewise well acquainted with different fire training products. Combing their experience, expertise and skills, they make a living out of  protecting the community from fires, accidents and chemical spills.

Both, bartenders and firemen, are experts that play with fire. Nevertheless, one is in the business of pleasing people with their stunts, other is in the business of saving lives.