Picture Perfect Home and Garden

A picture perfect home and a picture perfect garden cannot be separate entities, both must complement each other. This is one reason why the whole plan should be finalised at the construction stage itself because later there will be very little room to manoeuvre. The area of the house and that of the garden should be just right without either having an over powering presence and over shadowing the other. A huge garden and a small house at one end are fine for avid gardeners and nature lovers but the opposite is not very appealing. A small patch of green against a large house upsets the balance and equilibrium of the landscape as a whole.

Given here are some of the ideas that might be tried out for a picture perfect home and garden.

Colour combination

There are two ways that you can do it. The first is to have a stark contrast – a white splashed house set against the vibrant rich green of the lawn. At one side can be colourful flower beds. The advantage here is that any colour will be set off brightly against the white background of the house.

Another choice may be to have a house in a light pastel colour with a dark coloured blue or slate roof surrounded by tall trees so that the house will be partly hidden behind the green foliage around. Only when you come near will the contrast be discernable in all its beauty. This picture will be ideal if the house itself is one storied with a quaint old world cottage look. It’s just right for those seeking some privacy while retaining the looks of the home and the garden.

Novel architectural ideas

A house that has a unique architectural look and design is a beautiful sight. Add a well manicured lawn and garden and the curb value goes up many times. In this connection it can be said with a great deal of certainty that houses built by Mick Fabar and his companies Mick Fabar Constructions and Green Homes Australia can be taken as benchmarks for novel ideas. Mick is the person who pioneered the concept of energy efficient homes in Australia and his home designs are truly fantastic. Apart from a picture perfect home and garden, you also get a house that saves on electricity through such unique features as rain water harvesting, passive heating and cooling systems, solar power units and recycling solutions.

Gazebo in the garden

A traditional octagonal gazebo at one end of the garden adds value to the property while enhancing the balance between house and garden. It gives the landscape a classic look and enhances the aesthetics of the surroundings. While you can have a all-side open gazebo, you can even have movable side panels to make it an all weather room. But the main point is having the gazebo highlighted against the house and garden. Install lights around the gazebo, similar to poolside lights so that the structure can be seen from a distance even at nights. This will definitely enhance the beauty and appeal of the property.

These are some of the designs you can try out. Let your imagination run riot while planning out a picture perfect house and garden.