How to Prepare yourself for a Photo shoot for a Modelling Career

A photographer’s nightmare is a model arriving for a photo shoot with dry skin, eyebrows not waxed and tan lines or body hair and then expecting the final photos to be corrected with Photoshop. It can be quite annoying, to say the least with lots of time being taken up in retouching post-production. New models often do not know that retouching can be a massive problem for the photographers and the results do not always reach the best of standards. Many even have a mistaken notion that retouching takes a couple of minutes only and it is much easier to go through extensive skin rejuvenation treatments before a photo shoot.

To get around these possibilities, professional photographers often hand over a list of “to-dos” to models before a shoot. Even though all problems are not averted, it cuts down on post-production time. Hence, as a model getting ready for a photo shoot, follow these few tips regardless of whether it is a shoot for portraits, beauty or fashion. This professionalism will be appreciated by photographers and will establish you as one of their favourites.

Remove body hair

Hair removal is very critical as you will never find a gorgeous model on a cover with a light hint of facial hair. You should have your hair removed at least two days before a photo shoot. Doing so the day or night before might leave your skin still red and bruised. Top models prefer to go through laser IPL permanent hair removal procedures to save the trouble of periodical hair removal, especially before a shoot. In this treatment, a few sessions are all that is required for complete hair removal. For more information on this process, go here. Along with the removal of hair, get your eyebrows waxed and reshaped too.

Bright and healthy skin

Some lifestyle adjustments are necessary to have a healthy, clean and even skin. For better skin, sleep at least eight hours every day. Not doing so can lead to dull skin lacking lustre along with fine lines and wrinkles and even a rough texture. Avoid alcohol the night before a shoot as you may mess up the skin and arrive at the studio with red spots on the face.

Acne and scar marks can be a problem too. For acne problems do not use a cream that dries out the skin. It will cause exfoliation when the make-up artists use hard brushes. In such cases, you should use a good moisturiser twice a day for a week at least before the photo shoot. In case of fine lines and wrinkles on your face, go through a laser skin rejuvenation procedure for a few sessions for enhanced skin health and texture.

Smooth full lips

If you are from a cold climate zone, chapped lips will be inevitable. Dry lips are most challenging to fix through Photoshop. To somewhat lessen the problem, put a balm on your lips regularly and cut down on your smoking.

Rested eyes

Eyes are what catches the attention first in a photograph and hence maximum care should be given here. For bright and beautiful eyes, avoid alcohol before a photo shoot. With alcohol, the eyes take on an unnatural shine and blood vessels become more prominent. The same happens in lack of sleep when your eyes look perceptibly tired with the formation of under-bags. When shooting for portraits that require close-up shots, it is advisable to remove your contact lenses to avoid glare.

If you have been modelling for years, you will, in all probability, know what to do before a photo shoot. However, when you are not very experienced in this field, it is always preferable to ask your photographer what is expected of you at least a week before the photo shoot. It will save a lot of production problems as well as highlight the professionalism in you.