Take Perfect Snaps at Night – A few Tips

Photography is basically what the eyes see but from an artist’s perspective, it is highlighting vivid and rich colours and creating compositions that the casual observer often misses out. In this play of light and shade, night photography is a real challenge for photographers as the most ordinary scene can be given an exclusive touch by simply tweaking apertures and speed. A few tips in this regard will therefore be in order.

  • Ideal time to take night photos – Dusk is the ideal time to take night photos as there is a subtle play of fading daylight and impending darkness made more dramatic by long shadows. Study the scene over time as the sun sets, decide on the best shot and come back the next day to take it.
  • Turn the flash off – Strange as this may sound, flash is not required in long shot combinations. Use a manual flash to highlight subjects or a person in the front of the frame only. Use a long aperture and let the subject wait for the duration of the photograph being taken.
  • Fixing long exposure time – Use long exposures since more light entering the camera ensures more vivid snaps even in low light. The problem here is handshake which will make the image blurry. Always use a tripod to fix the camera, rest your hand on a support or lean against a wall to steady the shot. Adjust the speed and aperture in inverse proportions. Higher aperture and lesser speed will prevent stationery lights in the foreground from being overexposed and showing up as white flashes.
  • Play with motion- Replicate those scintillating night movement scenarios that expert photographers so effortlessly achieve. Set your camera on a tripod, up the exposure for a few seconds and capture the blazing red trailing tail lights of cars hurtling down a highway. You need not restrict yourself to portraits and still photographs at night.

Use your imagination, a few of these tips and get the best night snaps that you never imagined was possible.